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Every successful Instagram campaign starts with intensive research. At Nitro Social, we build your audience by compiling a detailed list of your competitors and the top influencers in your niche.


We define your target audience based on your performance goals, geographical area for your campaign, and other demographics of the consumers that you'd like to target..


Nitro Social will drive traffic to your Instagram page by actively engaging with people in your niche. Watch your followers grow as we identify the people who are most likely to follow your brand


Once you have a large following, we convert your followers to customers by guiding them with enticing photos and videos.


We use relevant hashtags to identify communities within Instagram that contain the people who are most likely to be attracted to your brand.


Nitro Social protects your newly established Instagram audience. We’ll take immediate action to blacklist trolls, and other users you would prefer to ban, from liking, commenting or following your page.


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1. Affordable & Convenient

Nitro Social offers flexible packages so that you can choose how quickly you want to grow your Instagram account.

  • Sign up is fast, easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

2. Multiple Payment Options

We support multiple payment options.


3. Fast Growth

Watch your Instagram followers skyrocket in just days. With Nitro Social, your account has the potential to go viral.


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Billed monthly

  • 500+ followers/engagement per month
  • Precision Targeting
  • Monthly Analtyics & Insight
  • Competitor & Hashtag Following
  • Email Support
  • x
  • x
  • x
  • x



Billed monthly

  • 1000+ followers/engagements per month
  • Precision Targeting
  • Real-time Analytics & Insight
  • Competitor & Hashtag Following
  • Account Manager
  • Direct Messaging Automation
  • Content Consulting & Feedback
  • x
  • x

No Contracts - Cancel at Anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike our competitors who use Web BOTS to create fake action with other users on instagram, ours is all organic. we use our marketing techniques your instagram account will get the exposure it needs to generate organic, active followers.

Absolutely, you just have to create multiple ads and keep your engaging with other users/friends or customers. we utilize video ads to ensure all conversions are covered especially when you're using our Social Bundle packages, we can target customers who have been on your Facebook on instagram or vice versa. "talk to an expert today?"

Once your campaign has been set up, we immediately begin working on your account. Given the organic nature of our service and your growth, you can expect to start seeing results in about 12-24 hours.

After our discovery call, we will strategize a game plan based your target audience, variations. The amount of traffic will definitely be 2x more than what you have seen within your account, but we've have seen 5x more engagement with existing customers but it all depends to your content, posts and also industry, product, keyword and services.

Of course not. The followers you gain as a result of using our social media team are real and follow you because they are genuinely interested in your content. They will not disappear when you stop using our services.

We do not offer Bots, or Softwares or anything illegal at all. we're an advertising agency and we have a team of designers, marketers and consultants who are eager to help you and your business.

Your own dedicated co-admin social media manager who will be trained and most likely have experience with your industry. they will go over your hashtag, location, audience vacations that could possibly increase your engagement by 2x or 3x if not more

Before we start, we will complete a discovery call with you covering all your advertising goals, message, and your brand. We will make sure you confirm & approve materials before the ads are live.
In addition, we will complete keyword analysis, industry research, and competitor research to strategize the best campaign for you.

we have a Instagram content team who can help or assist you but we have two different type of pricing for those or as long as you're using our Instagram and Facebook Advertising services, we can offer you 6 Ad Designs per month but we would want you to approve the content prior to posting it on your behalf. if you have any questions, please contact our sales team here

Yes, your social manager will be monitoring your campaigns on a daily basis. Your account manager will use all best practices to squeeze the best results for you

You will need to contact your social manager and they will be able to upgrade your account based on your brand/business needs.

No, There are no contracts required for our services, although, there are promotional services that require at least 3 months contract. you can discuss that upon signing up. our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.